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Members of the EJE&CON’s Good Corporate Governance Committee have been invited by the UN to present the Code of Good Practices for Corporate Talent Management and Competitiveness at the 10th annual Principles of Empowerment of Women Forum, organized by UN Global Compact, UN Women and the United Nations Office for Partnerships. The goal of the Code is to make it easier for Spanish companies to adopt specific measures that allow them to improve their competitiveness and results, ensuring that talent flourishes without gender bias and facilitating women´s access to senior management positions on equal terms and in similar proportions to men.

The 2020 Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Annual Forum to be held in New York City on 12th March, will take place during the 64th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64) bringing together leaders from the business community, governments, civil society, academia and the United Nations to highlight good practices, impacts and results in implementing the gender quality and women’s empowerment agenda outlined onto WEPs. At this year’s Forum, which aims to explore ways to accelerate progress on gender equality and encourage responsible companies to be at the height of the challenge.

Members of the EJE&CON´s Good Corporate Governance Committee, made up of a group of professionals in the areas of law, corporate responsibility, strategy, finance, universities  and human resources drafted  the Code of Best Practices for Talent Management and Competitiveness as part of EJE&CON´s mission to promote the presence of women in senior management positions and board of directors. The members of the  Committee are:

Paloma del Val, Esther Núñez Romero-Balmas, Isabel Alonso Matey, Yolanda Barreros, María del Mar Santana Rollán, Yolanda Pérez Pérez, Cristina Sancho Ferrán, Beatriz von Munthe af Morgenstierne Ramírez and Peña Solano Ubiergo.

The Committee will discuss the role of women in the business sector and present the Code as a fundamental strategic framework to promote gender equality and inclusion in organizations by implementing 10 practical recommendations when developing talent management and competitiveness strategies.

Over 850 executives and directors from 400 major companies form part of EJE&CON—the vast majority being listed companies, multinationals and other unlisted organizations  representing all sectors and operating in Spain—giving a voice to women who develop their professional careers in an environment known for a worrying lack of diversity and tools to organizations that aspire to improve their competitiveness and results by supporting talent without gender bias.

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